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G1098 Group

G1098 has a true global presence with HTSI offices, distributors and marketing agents providing services in over 40 countries worldwide, with equipment operational from North America through Europe, the Middle East to the Far East.

Asset Tracking

G1098 can supply a completely secure, stand alone, impenetrable, tracking solution, including hardware items and control software. Our systems are in use in 40 countries at the highest level of operation by Counter Terror Units, Serious Crime Units, Narcotics Departments, Federal Agencies, Government Agencies, Military Intelligence Agencies and Blue Chip Corporations.

The systems are used to remotely track vehicles, personnel and high value assets providing real time information and historical data used for intelligence. Software programmes provide the ability to analyse collected data to identify patterns of movement, vehicle usage and suspects’ behaviour and life style.

G1098's range of trackers includes miniaturized covert tracking devices designed to be concealed within objects and/or items of clothing, small, sleek and discreet body-worn trackers with panic alarm functionality, rapidly deployable tracking devices and surveillance equipment and hard-wired vehicle tracking devices that are virtually undetectable. All equipment is designed and manufactured in-house for maximum security and product quality.

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