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The threat of attack on critical infrastructure, both physical and cyber, is increasing and becoming more complex every day. The facilities, agencies and services we rely on to keep us moving, safe, connected and informed need the most advanced situational awareness. G1098’ command and control systems integrate the latest technology to help protect critical infrastructure around the world, from nuclear power plants, airports and mass transit to military and government facilities.

Command And Control


No plan survives first contact with reality.

Legacy systems present mounds of data and multiple courses of action that can obscure options and set off an immediate cascade of irreversible and unforeseen consequences, beyond the first level of decisions.

G1098 integrates and interactively interfaces with all data streams in real time, so you can continually evaluate decisions, at every moment and every level of operations.

Static solutions can’t keep pace with dynamic events.

You’ve invested in separate tools for situational awareness, command and control, analytics and other functions.

G1098 is the only solution that unites them all to deliver a decision-ready platform that is far superior to mere situational awareness.

Resources are finite. Your capabilities don’t have to be.

G1098 will transform your entire workflow, without sacrificing the investment in legacy products that are currently limiting your effectiveness.

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