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G1098 Group

G1098 has a fast and effective anti-drone surveillance system designed to Detect, Distract and Disable any anonymous drone from flying into a protected area. It consists of multiple sensors to monitor the range of radio signals and identify the different characteristics of a drone's signature. Our system can distract the drone by taking over the command and control frequencies. During an emergency, it is capable of immobilising the drone to prevent it from further intrusion.

Drone Denial

Preventing the use Drones to deliver drugs, weapons and mobile phones or communications devices in Prisons and other Secure Facilities is an important part of security and crime prevention. G1098 can provide, install and maintain a comprehensive detection and jamming system.

Prisons face challenges from smugglers using drones to deliver drugs, weapons, cell phones and other contraband onto facility grounds. As a result, drone detection is critical to maintaining the highest standard of security. Prisons integrate Drone Denial System into their zone-based alarm systems to achieve consistent, complete monitoring of their perimeters, airspace and centralised facilities. Its alerts give advanced warning of drone activity, allowing law enforcement to quickly counteract threats to the security, safety and mission of the facility.

Drone Denial System consists of a small device mounted near exterior and interior peripheries, which you can maintain remotely. It contains a database of acoustic signatures unique to drones commonly used in smuggling, and is linked to a browser-based interface to let you view local acoustic activity in real time. Once a drone is detected, Drone Denial System instantly alerts via SMS, email, or through your existing alarm system.


  • Gives advanced warning of consumer-grade drones commonly used by smugglers and other unauthorised users
  • Contributes to more comprehensive surveillance through monitoring of air space as well as ground perimeters
  • Supplements and integrates with existing security systems for swift law enforcement response
  • Preserves data from alerts for use as digital evidence in legal proceedings


  • Summary of Detection Features:
  • Identification of Drones - Range 1.1km, 
  • Detection of Birds, Drones, other objects Range ~3km (target dependent).
  • Identification and Tracking of multiple Drones at the same time.
  • Customer configurable Alarm Zones for Automatic Jamming.
  • All data recorded for future analysis.
  • Optional camera for visual confirmation.

Summary of Prevention Features:

  • Integrated with Detection System for complete solution which AUTOMATICALLY Jams the drone upon meeting the customer configured criterial.
  • High Gain Directional antennas capable of being directed towards target.
  • Variable RF output control.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No training needed.
  • Remote Support.
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