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Our Ethics

G1098 has developed this policy, to ensure that when others use our services they know that all effort has been made that all effort has been made to provide a service without exploitation and in acceptable & sustainable working conditions.

Ethical Policy

Our values and ethics have always been more than words on paper. They underpin how we run our business, distinguish us in the market place and run through everything we do. We have listened to our customers and colleagues, who have shared their views with us and have helped to shape the Policy. The volume of responses gives us confidence that our approach to security is very relevant in today’s world. We are extending our Ethical Policy by introducing four new areas. These cover the products and services we offer customers; how we run the business, including our relationships with suppliers and external stakeholders; how our workplace and culture reflect our values and ethics; and our approach to campaigning. As part of our commitment to transparency, we will be publishing an annual Values and Ethics Report, which will cover how we have been fulfilling our commitments. The launch of our expanded Policy is the fulfilment of an earlier commitment, an important step in our pursuit of excellence. Our revised Ethical Policy demonstrates that we continue to lead the way in what it means to be an ethical security company. For anyone who shares our values and ethics, G1098 is the right security organisation for you.

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